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Susannah Constantine’s 3 Daily Non-Negotiables to Start the Day Positively

I’m a journalist, author, broadcaster, mum, wife, housekeeper, cook, laundry maid, dog walker, taxi service, useless bookkeeper. My three children are my heroes. They are fearless. Non-judgmental. Down to earth and all love Symprove. We live in low-level chaos surrounded by nature.

Routine is essential for me. To be productive I need a number of daily touchstones to keep me from wandering off on a tangent. Symprove is the first of the day. Chocolate the last.

1. A shot of Symprove, first thing

I was asked to test it and the benefits became very clear after 3 weeks. Smooth moves each morning.

A nutritionist friend, Emma Marshall, told me that a vast percentage of serotonin is produced in the gut. I have had anxiety since I was a child and later PND. This along with my son corroborating the science behind it sparked a desire to see how a healthy gut could benefit my mental health.

2. Get in some movement

I stay fit by running, walking, cold water swimming and going to the gym. This takes the edge off the guilt that comes with religiously eating a bar and a half of chocolate every evening.

3. Whiz up a vegetable smoothie

Usual veg include fennel, celery, rocket, fresh ginger, cucumber, carrots, apple and any other odds and sods lying around. I’m a human compost bin.

Thanks, Susannah!

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