Stuffed Crepes

Stuffed Crepes

By Dr Jenna Macciochi

Upping the plant diversity and fibre in your diet shouldn’t be time consuming, expensive or tasteless. This simple crepe batter is made from chickpea flour (also known as gram flour). Chickpea flour contains more fibre per gram than wheat flour (the usual choice in the UK) so it’s a great swap to up your intake. Switch up your fillings to add greater diversity.  

Prebiotic fibre: 

  • Artichokes are a good source of prebiotics (the food that feeds your 'good' bacteria), as well as good plant chemicals (that we call polyphenols). They pair well with rainbow colours and Mediterranean tastes like tomatoes and avocado.    

Probiotic ‘live’ foods:  

  • Adding a lemon kefir drizzle offers another opportunity to bring in plant diversity and benefit from all the live and active bugs within kefir (it contains even more beneficial bugs than live yoghurt) 



3 eggs  

50g gram flour (chickpea flour) or two heaped tablespoons  

50ml water or kefir 

Small handful of spinach  

Salt and pepper  

2 tablespoons of olive oil 

For the fillings: 

Pre-cooked artichoke hearts, tomatoes, avocados and kefir, lemon  

Watercress and hummus  

Spicy kimchi and home-grown broccoli sprouts 



  1. Crack three eggs into a blender. Add the gram flour, water, spinach and season with salt and pepper and blitz until smooth. 
  2. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan, keep on a high heat to cook the crepes. 
  3. Depending on the size of your pan add 1/3 to 1/4 of the blended mixture to the frying pan, ensuring you cover the entire bottom of the pan. 
  4. After a few minutes (you will see bubbles appearing), flip to the other side and cook for a further 3-4 minutes before setting aside.