Berry Breakfast Pots by Lizzie King

Berry Breakfast Pots by Lizzie King

The combo of creamy yoghurt and jammy berries is hard to beat and adding in omega rich chia and flax makes these pretty pots a filling, gut-feeding breakfast I adore. 


2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp flax (lin) seeds
Pinch sea salt
300g live natural yoghurt
2 tbsp milk
1-2 tbsp raw honey to taste
100g fresh raspberries
100g fresh strawberries, halved
3 tbsp almond flakes


In a bowl mix the chia, flax seeds salt flakes and yoghurt with the milk until smooth and creamy, drizzle the honey in if using.

Position half of the berries in the bottom of a 500ml jar/pot. Spoon over half of the yoghurt mix.

Layer over some more berries and almond flakes, followed by the yoghurt and more berries and almonds until full.

Or store with the lid on in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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