A lady in a pink jumper holds a bottle of Symprove

The Symprove Science Story

We know that it’s people’s experience that matters the most, which is why we’re most proud of our 20 years of real-world evidence and 94% of customers recommending us. But if you’re a gut-science geek like us then there are a few key reasons why Symprove works:

1. Bacterial mix – naturally occurring in the gut, long history of safe use, hold inherent characteristics that support a healthy gut microbiome 

Symprove contains four bacteria strains that occur naturally in your gut. We selected Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) for their ability to make short-chain “good” fatty acids as these help with gut health and also provide a source of food for other “good” bacteria.  

We keep our original bacteria secure in a bacteria bank, and every single bottle of Symprove we make comes from these original bacteria. That means the very first bottle of Symprove contained the same bacteria as the ones we produce today. We take quality very seriously – we have a formula that works, and we make sure that we deliver it to the same standards, each and every time.

2. Production process – bacteria are ‘trained’ to acquire tolerance to low pH environments & live at point of consumption 

Symprove is made in a controlled environment. First, we prepare our bacteria to make sure they are ready to multiply in the gut, a process called fermentation. During fermentation the bacteria make more and more acid, which means they are training themselves to tolerate low pH levels in order to survive the stomach. We stop fermentation and bottle the live bacteria when they are at just the right stage. This ensures they are ready to work immediately upon arrival in the gut, unlike any freeze-dried products.  

Fermentation occurs over a 21-hour period and the bacteria multiply like mad! It also helps keep the numbers steady for the four months of Symprove’s shelf-life. Before fermentation, the gluten has been removed and the water/barley extract is already gluten free.

We want to make sure that our quality and purity is spot on. That’s why our production process is patented and overseen by expert fermentation scientists. And our internal quality management systems are run to internationally-approved standards. If you like your technical lingo, this means we’re an ISO 9001:2015 certified company!

3. Water-based solution and barley extract – much like us, bacteria need food and water to be alive and active. 

Our bacteria are suspended in a water-based solution and the barley extract acts as a growth medium ensuring bacteria are well fed and number of CFUs remains consistent. 

What does this mean? 

Every one of the 70 billion colony-forming units of good bacteria in each bottle of Symprove is not just alive but metabolically active. This is a critical distinction from almost all other probiotics on the market which include freeze-dried bacteria (which are sleeping). Because of the duration it takes to “wake” these bacteria up once you’ve consumed them, you will have excreted most of them (pooped them out) before they have had a chance to establish themselves in your gut.   

Ready for a fun fact? If you lined up all the bacteria in a shot of Symprove nose to tail, they'd stretch for a whopping 30 kilometres!   

If you’re a healthcare professional you can download our independent clinical research here