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8 Easy Tips to Support Your Gut on Holiday

We know that while travelling can be super exciting, there can also be that sense of anxiousness over the unknown, the potential tummy triggers and the stress of not knowing the toilet situation. We asked our in-house Gastroenterology Dietitian, Dr Sammie Gill, to share some easy tips that can help support your gut on holiday, so you can maximise your time doing the things you enjoy.

1. Drink some water

Adhering to strict water policies is not always the case when you travel abroad. If you’re in doubt about the purity of the local water, avoid it and opt for bottled water instead for drinking and brushing your teeth. Avoid ice in drinks too.

2. And then drink some more…

Stay hydrated. It will help with gut transit and keep things moving along. This is why, if you’re feeling a bit backed up, it’s often recommended to drink more fluids (even more so if you’re holidaying in a hot country!)

3. Take your probiotics

Some probiotics have been shown to be effective in preventing travellers’ diarrhoea (which can affect 40-60% of people). Start taking a day or so before you leave and take throughout the time you’re away.

4. Stick to a routine

The gut likes consistency, so try and keep to your usual eating routines. Indulge but don’t overload. Sudden switches in meal timings, types or volumes of food may lead to your gut behaving unpredictably.

5. Pack anti-diarrhoeals

Just in case, it may be worth packing some anti-diarrhoeals and rehydration salts.

6. Watch the local cuisine

Avoid raw/undercooked food, and food that has been rinsed in the local water (e.g. salad, fruit). Don’t eat anything you’re not sure about.

7. Limit alcohol and caffeine

Now we know this might not be the easiest tip, but we do know that caffeine and alcohol can be an irritant to the gut, particularly if you have a sensitive gut. Alternate between caffeinated and decaffeinated, and alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.

8. And relax

Your holiday should be the perfect time for you to relax that gut-brain axis. Read your favourite book, go for a gentle swim, explore the local area on foot, do some yoga… And enjoy.

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