Image of Symprove On the Go being packed into a travel bag along with a pair of sunglasses, passport, notebook and hand towel

Gut-Friendly Approaches When You’re On The Go

Symprovers, we have exciting news. We asked you how we could make Symprove even better. You told us – “Make it easier to travel with!” Well, your wish is our command… we‘re excited to offer Symprov...
A headshot of dietitian Laura Tilt
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Dietitian Laura Tilt Answers Your Gut-Travel Questions

A few weeks ago we asked for your gut-travel questions. Dietitian Laura Tilt is back with the answers. "Any easy tips for preventing a tricky tummy abroad?" Experiencing gut health problems when a...
A lunchtime buffet spread
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How to Navigate the Holiday Buffet When You Have a Sensitive Gut

Is there anything more exciting than the anticipation of a holiday buffet? A spread of colourful, fresh fruit, delicious salads, and a whole feast of carbs and protein to feed your gut bugs! If the...
8 Holiday Essentials by Lottie Drynan
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8 Holiday Essentials by Lottie Drynan

How many spare pairs of knickers do I realistically need to pack based on the chances of pooing myself during this trip? Is one box of peppermint tea per day definitely going to be enough? What if ...
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5 Ways to Make Sure Loo-Anxiety Doesn’t Steal Your Holiday Sunshine

Whether you’re planning a staycation and not straying far from home this summer, or you’re leaving on a jet plane, it’s so good to step away from life as we know it for a little while. Holidays giv...
A group of friends having a picnic in the garden
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The Gut Microbiome and the Great Outdoors

Looking for fun things to do over the summer that will make your gut bugs thrive? We asked our Gastroenterology Dietitian Dr Sammie Gill to share fun outdoor activities that are good for you and yo...

Welcome to Lootopia

Welcome to Lootopia... Where all your worries and anxieties will flush away. Picture this, your own private toilet right next to your sunbed. A throne fit for royalty in the middle of the ancient ...
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8 Easy Tips to Support Your Gut on Holiday

We know that while travelling can be super exciting, there can also be that sense of anxiousness over the unknown, the potential tummy triggers and the stress of not knowing the toilet situation. W...
Holidaying with Symprove
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How to Holiday with Symprove

Ah, the holidays. Most of us can’t wait for a break over the summer, whether it is a staycation, UK break or exotic location – we’re all burnt out from our hectic lives and need some serious relaxa...