Friends having a picnic outside with fruit, cheese, biscuits, bread and wine

5 Things to Do Outdoors this Summer for Your Gut Microbiome

Looking for fun things to do over the summer that will make your gut bugs thrive? We asked our Gastroenterology Dietitian Dr Sammie Gill to share fun outdoor activities that are good for you and your gut. Because we know that being outside exposes the gut to loads of beneficial microbes. Go grab that picnic basket...

1. Have a picnic

Pack up lots of gut-friendly foods and head to your nearest park for a picnic with friends. Think nuts, oat bars, flatbreads, cheese, fruit, hummus and dips, carrots, peppers, and salads… The more colour and diversity, the better. Your microbes will thank you for it.

2. Go for a walk

If you're able, find your closest green area and go for a brisk 30-minute walk. Keeping active has been shown to change the type of microbes living in your gut.

3. Get out in the garden

Spend a relaxing afternoon in the garden – pot some new plants, or start a vegetable patch. Have a game of badminton, do a workout or play a board game on the lawn. Studies have shown spending time in the garden can impact your gut microbiome.

And in between, find some time to enjoy some refreshing gut-friendly snacks such as yogurt and berries, veggies with hummus, or homemade ice lollies with fruit pieces.

4. Plan some outdoor activities

Ride your bike, fly a kite, bird watch, canoe, camp, do a treasure hunt, river swim or climb some trees (safely!) – the activities you could do are endless. It’s also a good way to acquire new microbes and influence your gut microbiome.

5. Go fruit picking

Studies have shown the gut microbiome changes with the seasons, likely due to changes in what we eat. Fruit picking is always a fun family activity. June is a good month for strawberry picking. Gooseberries are June-July, while blackberries and apples are late August-September.

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