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Gut-Friendly Approaches When You’re On The Go

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3 Gut-Friendly Approaches When You’re On The Go

Planning a post-Christmas get away? Visiting friends over the festive season or thinking about booking a New Year break? We asked Symprove’s resident Gastroenterology Dietitian, Dr Sammie Gill, to share her three gut-friendly approaches when you’re on the go.

Keep a bottle of water on you

Remember that hydration is important for gut function – it helps keeps things moving and helps fibre to work. It’s especially important if you’re travelling somewhere warm, so always keep a bottle handy. Why not try switching things up infuse with lemon, lime, mint or berries.

Pack your snacks

For ease, and to help nourish your gut microbiome, carry sweet and savoury gut-friendly snacks in your bag or your pockets when you can Some of the snacks that Sammie likes to have to hand include:

Sweet: Homemade oat flapjacks, fresh or dried fruit, dark chocolate.

Savoury: Popcorn, nuts, roasted corn/chickpeas, carrot/pepper sticks.

Courgette, Parmesan Breakfast Muffins

Date, Fig and Buckwheat Bars

3 Plant-Based Dips

Seeded Crackers

Incorporate movement into your everyday routine

Try and walk when you can, take stairs instead of the lift, and stand if you’re taking the bus or train. Being physically active has been linked to gut health benefits. And we’re known for enjoying a kitchen dance party post morning shot, which is always more fun when you're somewhere warm and sunny with a great view.

Bon Voyage!