Holidaying with Symprove

How to Holiday with Symprove

Ah, the holidays. Most of us can’t wait for a break over the summer, whether it is a staycation, UK break or exotic location – we’re all burnt out from our hectic lives and need some serious relaxation.

But, for some, travelling can be stressful, as it takes us out of our normal routine and might mean we are less in control of what we eat than normal. Different foods, water, or even environment can alter the balance of your microbiome, which is why it can be helpful to keep up your Symprove routine.

Whether you’re off on a long-haul flight somewhere exotic, planning a short city break, or a have a relaxing week away in the countryside to look forward to, we’re here to remind you to take your Symprove with you.

How to travel with Symprove

  • If you’re taking a flight, pack an unopened bottle of Symprove in your hold luggage. The same goes for car journeys or train rides.
  • If you’ve just started a new bottle that you want to take with you, keep it in a cool bag for the car journey.
  • When you arrive at your destination, pop your bottle of good bugs in the fridge.
  • If you’re in a hot destination and don’t have a fridge, fear not, stand your Symprove in a bowl or sink of cold water, and remember to change the water regularly. We have a few flight attendants who take Symprove and shared that tip with us.

We ran a poll to discover how many of you take Symprove on holiday and over 85% of those who responded said they take Symprove away with them. Great to hear that we that we are part of most people’s packing list! One respondent even said that she was taking Symprove to her wedding abroad! 

One story talked of a hotel going so far out of their way to provide a fridge in one customer’s room that a full-sized tall fridge had been trolleyed in especially for the duration of her stay. As she said ‘My Symprove bottle was treated like royalty!’ Quite right too! 

We have spoken to customers taking full bottles in their suitcases, in cool bags in the car, in travel-sized bottles for short trips – intrepid travellers will stop at nothing to take their Symprove with them! Obviously, 100ml is the max that you can take in one bottle on a flight in hand baggage, so we’ve heard some customers have decanted into smaller bottles to be able to take Symprove away. 

Will the good bacteria be ok?

Symprove is a robust product, and it’s far better to take it in less ideal conditions than to miss your dose. We know that extreme heat or cold can damage the bacteria, but otherwise it should travel well.

If you can find a cool place to put it in when you arrive at your destination (in a fridge even better), that would be great. You can perhaps stand it in a bowl or basin of cold water for example. However, don’t worry too much as Symprove is a robust product, and it’s far better to take it in less than ideal conditions than to miss doses. We know that extremes of heat or cold can damage the bacteria, but otherwise it should travel well. 

Rather than being one of those nightmare holiday stories, of hotels half built and spending most of the time in the bathroom– make your story one of you and your Symprove being treated like royalty! Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if your tummy is with you, it needs to be treated as well as it can possibly be. So, this summer, do consider taking Symprove with you to nourish your microbiome even while you’re away enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

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