The Symprove 12 Week Programme

Join the Symprove 12 week programme

We understand that 12 weeks may seem like a long time, however published research has shown that establishing a healthy balance of gut bacteria takes time. And, if you’re one of the millions of people in the UK living with unbalanced gut bacteria, you’ll know the impact it can have on your quality of life - even preventing you from doing little things such as eating out with friends or jumping on the bus to work. So, if you’re willing to commit to our 12 week programme, we’ll commit to supporting you every step of the way.

last 4 weeks at no cost

Our commitment to you

If you purchase the first 8 weeks of the 12 week programme, we will give you the last 4 weeks absolutely free.

You can purchase the first 8 weeks from the website but you need to call us on 01252 413600 to claim your last 4 weeks free. If in doubt, give our Customer Services Team a call and we will be happy to explain.

symprove bottle on table

A simple change for 12 weeks

A small change to your morning routine really can make a difference to your life. In fact, during the Symprove 12 week programme all we’ll ask you to do is drink 1 small cup of Symprove each morning (10 mins before eating or drinking). That’s it. And we're confident in 12 weeks you and your gut will notice the difference.

Things to bear in mind

It’s important to remember that in very few cases, especially during the early days of taking Symprove, some people experience loosening of the stools as their body adjusts to the new bacteria. This is perfectly normal and your body should soon adjust, so continue to take Symprove each day even if this happens.

How to store Symprove

Before being opened Symprove can simply be stored in any cool dark place such as a cupboard. After opening, you should store Symprove in the fridge to ensure the live and active bacteria are kept in optimum conditions. Please note Symprove should never be frozen or heated as this would kill the bacteria.

Maintaining a re-balanced gut

Customers take Symprove for a variety of reasons, please call the Customer Care Team on 01252 413600 to discuss your progress and the next steps for maintenance.

Microbiome Matters

Why does your microbiome matter?

A typical digestive tract has 100 trillion active organisms such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi. This vast ecosystem is known as our gut microbiome. Our modern lifestyles can unbalance & deplete our microbiome. Symprove delivers live bacteria to the gut and has been shown to survive, thrive and colonise, to enable your microbiome to rebalance.


Why Symprove Works

  • Symprove is alive and active when it ARRIVES from the bottle.
  • Critically, Symprove is water-based so it doesn’t trigger digestion, meaning it SURVIVES the hostile environment of your stomach.
  • The four unique strains of bacteria in Symprove work together to ensure they THRIVE in the intestines and targeted areas of your gut quickly and effectively.

Why other products fail

Recent independent research has shown that products containing bacteria that are freeze-dried or transported in food, do not survive the three stages above. Here’s why:

  • Food or dairy based products (such as yoghurts) usually trigger digestion, meaning they are held in the strong stomach acids for longer, resulting in many of the bacteria being killed.
  • Freeze dried products are inactive (not alive) when taken and usually have very low survival rates when subjected to stomach acid. And those that do survive may pass through your gut before having a chance to re-activate and thrive.

5 facts about Symprove

  • Every 70mls of Symprove contains more than 10 billion live, active bacteria
  • Symprove’s Unique Delivery System (UDS™) ensures it doesn’t trigger digestion in the stomach.
  • Independent research by University College London (UCL) shows Symprove can Arrive, Survive and Thrive in targeted areas of your gut quickly and effectively.
  • Symprove is gluten and dairy free.
  • Symprove comes in 2 flavours, Original and Mango and Passion Fruit.