Symprove delivers bacteria to the gut where it can support the microbiome. It does this by:

  • Having 10 billion live and activated colony forming units (CFUs) of bacteria per 70ml of product
  • Being a water-based supplement which doesn’t trigger digestion so the bacteria can transit through the hostile stomach environment alive
  • Delivering live bacteria to the gut to feed the microbiome

Once past the stomach the four strains of bacteria in Symprove start to multiply and can support the microbiome.


An independent study by Dr Simon Gaisford at University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy tested Symprove and seven other market-leading products. It aimed to explore the comparative health and survival of different commercial formulations at two stages of use; the point of consumption and following exposure to gastric fluid. Three liquid (including Symprove) and five freeze-dried products were used. Each product was subjected to enumeration, in vitro gastric tolerance tests and real-time growth tests. In each of the tests the following results were found for Symprove:

Enumeration test

The results showed that recovery of viable organisms per dose of Symprove is the same or better than the stated label claim

Gastric tolerance tests

Symprove bacteria showed 100% of the bacteria survived in vitro gastric fluid

Real-time growth tests

Symprove was shown to multiply fast once it passed through the gastric acid

Researchers put these results down to “the germinated barley used in Symprove providing both acid protection and a nutrient source”.

You can view the full study and results here.