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What to Expect in Your First 12 Weeks

Everyone’s Symprove journey will be different. Here’s a handy guide on what to expect and do at each stage.

what to expect

Weeks 1-4: You’ve done the right thing
Congratulations on taking your first steps to supporting your gut. The minute you drink Symprove it gets straight to work. You may notice some changes such as frequency and urgency as your gut adjusts and the bacteria start to colonise. Rest assured, this is completely normal. There are trillions of bacteria in the gut with thousands of species, ours need time to establish in your system.

What to do now
Start each morning with your 70 ml shot of the good bugs. If you’re planning a holiday, pop an unopened bottle in your suitcase.

What to do next
Call Symprove’s expert customer care team with any questions. Contact them on 01252 413600 Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm.

Weeks 5-8: Embrace the change
Every day brings more balance – it’s cumulative. 50% of Symprove customers report positive feelings after just 4 weeks*. Keep feeding your gut bacteria to build its resilience. Give the gut time to adapt and get used to something new.

What to do now
Explore the four pillars of gut health – dig into gut-friendly recipes, get inspired to start moving your body, learn how to sleep better, and find some helpful mindfulness tips.

What to do next
Join the Symprove Supporters Facebook group to connect with others on the same journey.

Weeks 9-12: Lock in that new habit
Symprove is feeding your microbiome every day and encouraging good bacteria to repopulate. 90% of Symprove customers feel the benefits after 12 weeks**. You’re working on reinforcing your gut and further building resilience. Keep up the good work of feeding, nurturing, and caring for your gut. By creating the right environment in your gut, diversity will increase - diversity in your gut means it’s harder for anything to knock it off balance.

What to do now
Reflect on any changes you’ve experienced so far – the tear-out tracker from your inbox leaflet should help with this.

What to do next
Head to Trustpilot to share your Symprove experience with others.

Ongoing: Don’t stop what you’ve started
Your relationship with your gut is important and like any relationship it needs work. To continue feeling the benefits, keep taking Symprove daily, combined with eating gut-friendly food, regular movement and practicing mindfulness. Let’s invest in your gut health together.

What to do next
Subscribe and save to continue your daily dose at the best price.

*According to a 2020 Real World Symprove study.
**According to a 2021 survey of 490 Symprove customers.

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