Joshua Landmann

10 Questions with... Joshua Landmann

We caught up with international triathlete Josh Landmann, to find out how he starts every morning before training, whether he sips or swigs his Symprove, and his top tips for looking after both physical and mental health.

 How did you hear about Symprove and how long have you been taking it?
I heard about symprove after being asked to take part in a campaign for them back in December 2020. I’ve been having a 70ml shot every day since then. 

What motivated you to get involved with Symprove?
Before I started the campaign, we had a call with the brand who told me everything I needed to know about the product, what it does, where the idea came from, how the product and brand has grown, and how the product works. The whole ethos and people around the brand were what really motivated me to get involved with Symprove. But after my initial 12 weeks I just had to continue taking the product because of the difference I felt.

What does your morning routine look like?
My morning routine is simple, I wake up, put the kettle on, have my 70ml shot of Symprove, make 60-80g of porridge with a large dollop of peanut butter, berry jam, and either a banana or blueberries, and have a cup of tea. That’s then followed by some light stretching then I crack on with my morning training session. 

Where did your interest in gut health start?
I’ve only started thinking about my gut health properly since taking symprove. Prior to taking symprove there was never a routine. 

Top tips for looking after physical health?
Make sure you enjoy it whilst you’re doing it. There’s no point doing something you don’t enjoy. Whatever you're doing doesn’t need to be done as hard as you can to get any physical benefits. 

And your mental health?
Making sure you’re doing something you enjoy will guarantee that you come away feeling good in yourself. Don’t allow manipulated images on social media to influence your thoughts and judgements. Be you, do you, and love you. 

Why should people care about Symprove?
People should care about Symprove because people should care about supporting their gut. People take a lot of care of how they look on the outside but often dismiss taking care of their insides. People should care and take Symprove!

Original or Mango & Passion Fruit?
Mango & Passion Fruit... although after a few shots of Original you get used to it. 

Sip, slurp, shot or swig from the bottle?
Carefully measured shot every time. 

Describe Symprove in 3 words…
GLC!!! Gut loving care

Stop it Josh, you're making us blush.

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