Want to know how Symprove works?

Our good bugs are smart and tough, just like you. Here's why they make Symprove so unique:


Unlike the bacteria in powder or tablet supplements, our four strains are alive when they enter your body - and ready to get straight to work.


Thanks to our water-based solution (and the way you take it), they can make it safely through your stomach. All the way to your lower gut.


Not only do they multiply, they also produce lactate. This feeds your existing good bugs, so more and more are created to help you thrive!

Love your gut. Love you.

Science-backed and award-winning

Symprove is recommended by experts, raved about by thousands and has been independently tested by scientists. We want to make it easier to live a healthier, happier life. And that all starts with your gut microbiome!

Helping you care for your gut microbiome

Your microbiome is an ecosystem made up of trillions of organisms. From absorbing nutrients to producing vitamins, it does all sorts of good work.  So the better you balance the bacteria in your microbiome, the better it (and you!) can function. There's a lot of recent research which proves why supporting your microbiome is so important.

H2-whoa! How water makes us different

Before live bacteria can reach your gut, they first need to survive the harsh conditions of your stomach. Symprove's bacteria can do just that. And one key reason is our unique water-based solution. This is because the science tells us that:

  • Bacteria can live in water
  • And water doesn't trigger digestion

Get every day off to a flying start

It’s easy to take Symprove. Simply enjoy a 70ml shot first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach). Then give yourself a 10-minute window before tucking into breakfast. 

94% of people report a difference after 3 months and many take Symprove for life.

What to expect in your first 3 months

Our good bugs are smart and tough, just like you. Here’s how they work:

First day

You’ve done the right thing

Congratulations on taking your first steps to supporting your gut. The minute you drink Symprove it gets straight to work. You may notice some changes as your gut adjusts and the bacteria start to colonise.

What to do next?

Join the Symprove Supporters Facebook group to connect with others on the same journey.

Only a couple of weeks into taking Symprove... feeling really happy that I started it.
3 years with Symprove
1st month

Embrace the change

Every day brings more balance - it’s cumulative. 50% of Symprove customers report positive feelings after just four weeks. Keep feeding your gut bacteria to build its resilience.

What to do next?

Consider tracking how you feel to monitor your progress.

Have been using Symprove for about 6 weeks. Highly recommended!
Carole McAlpine
6 weeks with Symprove
2nd month

Lock in that new habit

Symprove is feeding your microbiome every day and encouraging good bacteria to repopulate. 94% of Symprove customers feel the benefits after 3 months.

What to do next?

Call our expert customer care team with any questions.

Looking forward to my future with Symprove.
Carole McAlpine
3 years with Symprove
3rd month

Don’t stop what you’ve started

Your relationship with your gut is important and like any relationship it need work. To continue feeling the benefits, keep taking Symprove daily.

What to do next?

Check out how to continue your daily dose at the best price.

I am going to carry on with Symprove in the long term - 10 out of 10.
Carole McAlpine
3 years with Symprove
After 3 months

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