Natalie Lee

10 Questions with… Natalie Lee

Natalie Lee is a digital creator, a mother of two girls and former midwife, who created Style Me Sunday as a space to talk about all things fashion, with feelings thrown into the mix. Natalie has been part of the Symprove family for over a year, so we figured it was about time we found out exactly where her passion for gut health started.

How did you hear about Symprove and how long have you been taking it?
A friend recommended how amazing they were finding it and urged me to try it about one and a half years ago. And I cannot imagine it not being part of my daily routine.

What motivated you to get involved with Symprove?
The way it makes me feel.

What does your morning routine look like?
I wake up and head straight to the fridge for my Symprove shot, then I use the 10 mins to meditate, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to last 10 mins before drinking and eating. After my stillness I make myself a black coffee and write a to do list and gratitude list. Then I wake up my kids and start getting them ready for school. We ride to school, and I come back and shower and sit down at my computer or get ready and go to a meeting.

Where did your interest in gut health start?
I’ve been on a gut health journey and am fascinated by the link between the gut and the brain.

Top tips for looking after physical health?
Movement, lots of water, a good range of nutrients, doing things that set your soul on fire.

And your mental health?
Allowing time to be still and time for processing thoughts. I like to journal too.
Communicating with people who are safe.

Why should people care about Symprove?
Because it works.

Original or Mango & Passion Fruit?
I’ve only tried Mango & Passion Fruit.

Sip, slurp, shot or swig from the bottle?
All of the above - depends on my mood.

Describe Symprove in 3 words…
A life saver!

Thanks Natalie, and welcome to the family.

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