Anna Whitehouse Shares the 3 Daily Non-Negotiables That Kickstart Her Day

Anna Whitehouse Shares the 3 Daily Non-Negotiables That Kickstart Her Day

Hi Symprove, I’m a radio presenter, author and mother-of-two. Definitely not in that order. I launched Flex Appeal, my campaign to fight for flexible working for everyone in 2015. It started in a primal, maternal, fairly visceral place where I couldn’t quite grasp how I was meant to work like I didn’t have kids and raise my kids like I didn’t have to work. This April the Flexible Working Bill came into effect and while there’s a long way to go and it is currently fairly toothless, the words ‘flexible’ and ‘working’ have made it into legislation. I’m currently working on making it watertight.

How did you hear about Symprove?

It began almost as an urban myth among my friends. There were whispers of this daily shot of goodness you could take that supports gut health. I was looking for smaller ways to feel better every day and this was where I began. Before I knew it, I was necking shots before breakfast.

What does routine mean to you?

I think we are all creatures of habit. As soon as I’m away with work, my routine goes to pieces and God do I feel it. Mentally I start feeling hints of self-loathing, imposter syndrome creep in because I haven’t moved my body. Or I haven’t drunk enough water. And while I’m always here for chip shop chips (drenched in vinegar; the only way), I never eat as well when away from home.

Routine is my foundation, my structure and when it’s not there I suppose I do feel on shakier ground. Less robust.

Here's how I always start my day...

1. Early bedtime the night before

While I sound like a toddler, I can trace the direct impact of my lack of sleep to that 3pm slump when I crave a Double Decker. Sleep regulates and keeps me on track with my diet. Without sleep there’s a bit of a ‘why does it matter?’ attitude, which generally translates to coffee and sugar with the requisite regret and comedown.

2. Symprove every day

I’d argue that I was the most sceptical customer of Symprove. But as friends kept mentioning it, as I could see them lighter, happier, more productive, I ordered my first batch to see what it was all about. To be clear, I was a customer for a year before I became an ambassador - and within 72 hours I felt more grounded. More anchored. More able to regulate myself, make good decisions on what to eat and it might seem lofty to say it but I felt like I had my gut instinct back. That I quite simply worked better.

3. Realistic exercise

The minute I try and do an intensive training plan to prepare for some big event, I don’t even get out of the starting blocks. My girls and I do a 2 minute kitchen disco before school. They choose a song each and we dance like mad until the heart rate is up and I can’t hear Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles any more.

Describe Symprove in 3 words…

It just works.

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