Platinum Jubilee

Platinum Tips for Your Gut this Jubilee Weekend

Hands up if you’ve stacked your weekend with as many celebration plans as possible and are now feeling worried about the gut repercussions. Don’t panic, we’re here with three gut-friendly tips that’ll help you and your gut bugs thrive.

Feed your gut with the things it enjoys
Got friends coming round and wondering what to cook? Dr Sammie Gill, Gastroenterology Dietitian, recommends feeding your gut with the things it enjoys, including plant-based foods, lots of colour and variety and ferments.

We’ve got 5 gut-friendly dishes that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers:
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Frittata 
Grilled Halloumi & Purple-Sprouting Broccoli Salad 
Tomato, Courgette and Ricotta Tart
Summer Chicken & Veg Traybake with Basil Pesto 
Smokey Aubergine, Pine Nut and Cherry Tomato Salad 
Top tip: Keep the skins on fruit and veggies (it’s where most of the fibre is).

And it wouldn’t be a celebration without a pud or two:
Buckwheat Crunch Chocolate Berry Bowls 
Eton Mess
Kombucha Jelly

If you’re out and about and snacking on the go reach for mixed nuts, lentil crisps, sliced apple and peanut butter, carrots and hummus.

Stay hydrated
Before we dive into beer and the ‘biome and start talking about polyphenols (micronutrients that naturally occur in plants and found in red wine), we’re going to take a sip of our water and remind you to stay hydrated. Up the flavour by adding fresh lemon, cucumber slices and herbs such as mint or rosemary to give it a fruity boost.

But what about beer, it’s fermented right?

Dietitian Laura Tilt explains “Thanks to its polyphenol content, beer may have some positive effects on the ‘biome - but we need more research to learn if the alcoholic components counteract the potential benefits on the ecosystem in your gut.”

“Until then, moderation is your best bet - especially when we consider the broader effects of alcohol on gut health.”

“And, if it’s polyphenols you’re looking for, choose darker or artisan beers, opt for a non-alcoholic beer, or switch up your beer for a glass of red wine to get maximum benefits. Cheers!”

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Connect with nature
And with that get a bit dirty! Maximise your time outdoors for a boost of Vitamin D, to lower your stress levels, and increase the diversity of your gut microbiome by exposing it to new things. Got a friend with a dog? Meet up with them for a walk and a cuddle, as pets help increase the diversity of the microbiome.

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P.S If you’re going away this weekend, don’t forget you can take your Symprove with you, simply pop it in the fridge when you arrive at your destination. If there’s no fridge, a sink full of cold water will do.