How Symprove is different

Digestion involves a lot of seriously strong stomach acid, triggered by the ingestion of food. Bacteria delivered in food are exposed to these harsh acidic conditions and less likely to survive.

Some supplements are freeze-dried to ensure the bacteria within them survives through the stomach. However, this means the bacteria have to be reactivated within the stomach to have any effect and many pass right through your digestive system before they’ve had a chance to wake up and work.

Symprove’s unique water-based formula is packed full of live, active bacteria. Because Symprove is water-based, it doesn’t trigger digestion. More live and active bacteria surviving passage through the stomach means a better opportunity to colonise the gut. This ability to deliver thriving bacteria is what makes Symprove so special.

Getting bacteria to where it matters

It’s important to maintain a balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut.

However, getting the good bacteria where they are needed isn’t that simple. Your digestive system is a hostile place. So the bacteria need to arrive in your stomach in good shape, survive passage through it and thrive once they arrive in the gut.

That’s where Symprove has an advantage. In an independent study at University College London* Symprove was shown to outperform seven other leading products in its ability to survive, thrive and colonise the gut.

Incorporating Symprove into your daily routine is easy and certainly doesn’t require a major lifestyle change! Just take 70ml of Symprove every morning on an empty stomach, wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking and then continue with your day.

Putting Symprove to the test

Symprove beats seven market-leading products

University College London carried out an independent study on eight leading products containing bacteria. The study subjected each product to three tests. These assessed if the bacteria arrived in a live state, survived stomach acid transit and thrived in the target area of the gut. Symprove was the only product to pass all three tests.

The Gut Stuff

Symprove invited The Gut Stuff to meet founder, Barry Smith and answer their questions on what makes Symprove special!