How Symprove Works

It’s just a small change in the way we deliver our bacteria that makes such a big difference to you and your gut. So, to learn more about our Unique Delivery System (UDS™) read on, or just watch our short film.

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Getting bacteria where it's needed most

For any beneficial bacteria supplement (or probiotic) to be effective, the bacteria must get through to where they can work - the large intestine (or colon). However, this means they must pass through the hostile environment of your stomach and small intestine. When food is eaten, your digestive system is triggered, with acid being released in your stomach, and other enzymes and bile salts in your small intestine. And because many supplements and yoghurts are seen as food, the beneficial bacteria in them can struggle to survive in these harsh environments.

In an attempt to avoid this, some supplements are freeze-dried to ensure the bacteria within them survives through the stomach. Of course this has its own drawbacks as they have to be reactivated before they can get to work - and because this process takes time, many pass right through your digestive system before they’ve had a chance to wake up and work. Freezing can also alter the structure and efficiency of bacteria so these freeze dried products simply aren’t as effective as Symprove.

How our Unique Delivery System (UDS™) ensures our bacteria both survives and thrives

Because Symprove is a water-based formulation containing multi-strain, live and active bacteria it isn’t seen as a food by your stomach. This means the bacteria passes straight through without activating digestion and therefore reaches the targeted areas of your gut alive and ready to thrive. In fact, breakthrough independent research by University College London (UCL) shows that Symprove is clearly able to survive, thrive and colonise in the gut better than any of the other products tested.

What does ‘multi-strain’ mean?

Symprove contains 4 unique strains of live and active bacteria, called: L.rhamnosus, E.faecium, L.acidophilus, and L.plantarum. Together they work in synergy to help you achieve a healthy balance in your gut bacteria.

What exactly is Symprove?

Symprove is a unique, liquid formulation containing four strains of live and activated bacteria which are delivered to the gut to support the microbiome. The 4 strains of naturally occurring bacteria are grown on an extract of germinated barley. Watch the video to find out more. Or if you are a Healthcare Professional, you can have a more in-depth look on our other site.

Healthcare Professionals  
Microbiome Matters

Why does your microbiome matter?

A typical digestive tract has 100 trillion active organisms such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi. This vast ecosystem is known as our gut microbiome. Our modern lifestyles can unbalance & deplete our microbiome. Symprove delivers live bacteria to the gut and has been shown to survive, thrive and colonise, to enable your microbiome to rebalance.


Balance Gut microbiome in
12 Weeks

Our 12 week programme will help you support a healthy balance in your gut bacteria – and to help you out, we’ll give you the last four weeks completely free.

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