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Who can use Symprove?

Short answer? Anyone who wants to support their gut microbiome! 

Lots of people on Trustpilot say they take Symprove for gut conditions. Others take it because they know how important their gut microbiome is. 

As with all supplements, Symprove works best with a good balanced diet. For more about looking after your gut through diet, exercise, sleep, and nature connection, head to our blog.

Symprove is made from water, germinated barley, and four strains of live bacteria. We remove gluten from the barley during the production process. But to see the full ingredients in each flavour, click here: Original, Mango and Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Raspberry.

If you live with allergies, it’s a good idea to double check the ingredients on the label. Just to be on the safe side. Find our labels on the 'About flavours' section of our Shop now page.

We can tell you for sure that Symprove is dairy-free and so vegan-friendly. And although it contains barley extract, we remove gluten during the production process. So it’s gluten-free too.

Yes, and completely suitable for vegans!

Yes, we remove gluten from the barley extract in our production process.

Yes, absolutely.

Most people don’t experience side-effects. A few find there are niggles when they first take it. But this is usually just a sign that the bacteria are where they need to be – and getting to work. 

Often these niggles take the form of changes to your poo. Either constipation or mild diarrhoea. But as your body adjusts to Symprove these should quickly disappear. 

Trying a new bacterial supplement can be a big deal if you live with a gut issue. That’s why we’re always on hand to listen and reassure. There’s no such thing as TMI with the Symprove team, and lots of us have experienced gut issues too. 

If you need to chat, just call us on 01252 413600.

Symprove is made with natural ingredients – and doesn’t contain anything that the NHS says you should avoid while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

That said, starting a new food supplement at a sensitive time can still be a big change. So check in with your healthcare professional first. And if you’re on any medication, it’s worth checking the label to see if there are any specific foods you should avoid.

Symprove is a safe food supplement made from natural ingredients. But it’s a good idea to take a copy of the label to your doctor anyway. Just to check that you're ok to start it.

Yes, Symprove is a natural food supplement that’s perfectly suitable for children. We’d recommend you give them 1ml per every 1kg of their weight (so 20ml a day for a 20kg child). 

Most kids prefer Strawberry and Raspberry flavour as it’s the sweetest. Of course!

Yes, absolutely. Antibiotics are brilliant at beating illness but the downside is that they can destroy good gut bacteria. We’d recommend spacing out the times you take Symprove and your antibiotics – so they’re as far apart as possible. 

And don’t forget to leave 10 minutes before you eat or drink anything (except water) after taking Symprove. Just to help our bacteria arrive alive in your gut.

Yes, lots of people have used Symprove alongside the FODMAP diet. But we’d always recommend talking to your doctor or dietitian about the two of them working together.

94% of people say they feel a positive difference after taking Symprove for three months. Lots go on to take it for life. If you want to get a better idea of how people have found Symprove, check out our Trustpilot page.

Tip #1: Take 10 mins out!

Always take your morning shot of Symprove on an empty stomach – then leave 10 minutes before you eat and drink. So you don’t trigger digestion and kill those awesome bugs.

Tip #2: Give it 3 months

Loving your gut is a lifelong act of self-care. We recommend trying Symprove for a minimum of 3 months and after that, who knows? You might be one of the many people who go on to take it for life.

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