Ella Mills

Food writer and entrepreneur under the brand Deliciously Ella

“As a long-standing Symprove customer I feel so lucky to be able to work with the brand now. I have such respect for their passion and knowledge, and feel so aligned in their desire to help their customers live a healthier life”

Watch one of her delicious recipes here

Laura Tilt

Registered Dietitian, PGDip MSc and Symprove blog contributor

‘’In a world where there are many claims about gut health (without good evidence!), I’m so enthused by the research that Symprove is carrying out, and excited about what we are seeing from the results. Symprove is a caring company with a dedicated team who genuinely want to support people with better gut balance, recognising that this is more than supplements or food – it’s a whole lifestyle approach.’’

The Gut Stuff

Lisa Macfarlane, Alana Macfarlane and India Wardrop, Founders of The Gut Stuff

Born in 2018, The Gut Stuff website aims to bring education about gut health to everyone, not just the wealthy elite. The Gut Stuff recommend taking Symprove as part of a gut happy lifestyle.

“We love working with the team at Symprove, they are passionate and we trust them both as an efficacious company and product.’’

Eve Kalinik

Nutritional Therapist and Author and Symprove blog contributor

“Symprove is a product that I have used with countless clients in my nutrition practice over many years and it consistently brings positive results. I strive to work with brands and companies that have the research, evidence and data behind the efficacy of their products and because of this believe that Symprove is a true leader in the field of the gut microbiome”

Watch one of her delicious recipes here

Lizzie King

Food Writer, Author and Family Wellness

“I came across Symprove a few years ago and was amazed by it’s provenance and the research on it. I have been taking it every day since. I am loving working with such a cutting edge brand to share the knowledge on how to keep us as well as we can be.”

Watch one of her delicious recipes here

The Gut Stuff

Kings College

Kings College has run multiple independent studies testing Symprove’s effectiveness. To find out more about these independent studies click here.