Zero-waste grain

One way we are working to reduce waste is our use of the barley grain to make Symprove. After germinating the grain (increasing some enzymes by 600%!), fermentation gives us a Symprove ‘broth’ ready to add the bacteria to. The story doesn’t end here. We take the ‘spent’ grains and return them to the farm to be used to make a powerful organic fertiliser. So the grain starts from and returns to the land, being useful along the way. A big tick for the environment!

Symprove harness the power of the sun

As a far less environmentally-damaging option, Symprove have invested in solar panels for our entire site, and we aim to produce 80% of our energy this way. This will enable us to move towards a carbon neutral approach to energy usage. So the energy from the sun that helps to grow our Symprove barley grain also powers our computers to take your orders and lights our offices.

Working wonders with water

Offices can be vast consumers of water, with consumption in the UK averaging at the equivalent of three office water coolers per employee per day. Well over half of this is used for flushing toilets. For over a decade here at Symprove we have been using ‘grey’ water (rainwater) to flush all the toilets in our office. It’s great to think that at Symprove water that would otherwise literally go down the drain is being reused and recycled.

Printing with care

Our packaging is printed using organic vegetable inks. Our printer, Lanes, take care to use responsibly sourced paper and recycle all waste, and are part of a scheme that replants trees to replace the carbon used in the paper manufacture.


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