bowl full of colourful veggies, rice and lettuce

How To Eat 30 Plants a Week

You've likely heard that you should be eating 30 plants a week. We asked Registered Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert to explore the science behind why 30 is the magic number, exactly what counts as a ...
A plate of butter bean mash and greens

Butter Bean Mash with Garlicky Almonds and Greens by Ella Mills

We all know the feeling of being too tired to cook, when our to-do list feels endless and we want to cut corners – there’s a temptation to skip the healthy option when we need it the most. This is ...
Tacos with sweet potato and black bean filling placed down the middle

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos by Rhiannon Lambert

This recipe is specially crafted to follow the low FODMAP guidelines by minimising those ingredients that could be potentially triggering for your gut, which may lead to discomfort. We firmly belie...
Spring Lunch Bowl with broccoli, avocado, strawberries, almonds, watercress and quinoa with greek yoghurt

Spring Lunch Bowl by Rhiannon Lambert

As the days are beginning to grow warmer, this spring lunch buddha bowl is the perfect choice for those who fancy a lighter, yet nutritious meal that is bursting with flavour. Made with delicious s...
An array of colourful fruit and veg

Why Eating the Rainbow is Good for Your Gut

More and more often, you’ll hear the phrase 'eating a rainbow' in the context of encouraging a healthy diet. Which is all about getting a variety of fruits and vegetables into your daily meals and ...
Cauliflower Traybake With Garlic Yoghurt by Ella Mills

Cauliflower Traybake with Garlic Yoghurt by Ella Mills

Looking to get more plants in your diet? This herby cauliflower traybake with garlic tahini yoghurt is the easiest way to get more veg in your life with very little effort, perfect for busy weeks. ...
Carrot cake with walnuts on a large white dish

Carrot and Orange Cake by Lizzie King

This is so orangey and spicy with a lovely rich sponge and a light zesty icing, I think you’ll take a shine to it. There is so much fruit and veg packed in here it’s basically a health food in cake...
A bowl of colourful chickpea curry

Chickpea Curry with Bulgur Wheat and Seeds by Rhiannon Lambert

With a diverse array of more than 20 plants, this delicious and warming chickpea curry is a fantastic way to elevate your daily plant intake. Current research suggests that eating 30 different plan...
Sticky Miso Tofu Bowl by Deliciously Ella

Sticky Miso Tofu Bowl by Deliciously Ella

Packed with plant protein, these sticky miso tofu bowls with peas, edamame and ginger are nourishing, flavoursome and super easy to make. You can swap the veg around, broccoli, courgettes and other...