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Eve Kalinik’s Gut-Loving Recipes

Be good to your gut with these two delicious recipes from nutritional therapist, Eve Kalinik

Laura Tilt – New Beginnings

January brings a sense of new beginnings - and with the arrival of the new year, you might feel you’ve missed the mark if you haven’t chalked up a list of resolutions.

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Laura Tilt – 12 Days of Christmas

Laura Tilt gives us 12 tips to keep our biomes happy over Christmas this year.

Eve Kalinik – Sauerkraut Recipe

Eve Kalinik shares her simple, scrumptious sauerkraut recipe

Laura Tilt – Be Good To Your Gut

Being good to your gut takes many forms - one of the most important being your diet. So how can you nurture your gut microbes with the foods you eat?

Laura Tilt – The Gut-Brain Connection

What do the bacteria in your belly have to do with your brain? As it turns out, way more than you might expect…

Eve Kalinik – Back To Health Basics

Just in case you need a mini reminder on the importance of gut health and why we need to take care of our glorious gut microbes.

Laura Tilt – Plant Based Diets

Scientists are still discovering what it takes to keep our microbiome balanced, but there’s one lifestyle habit that keeps coming up trumps – and that’s a plant-based diet.

Laura Tilt – Gut Friendly Summer Foods

Summer is in full swing – hurrah! As well as being the perfect time to take advantage of the Great Outdoors, the warmer months offer an opportunity to introduce more gut friendly foods to your diet.