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Eve Kalinik – Sauerkraut Recipe

Eve Kalinik shares her simple, scrumptious sauerkraut recipe

Laura Tilt – Be Good To Your Gut

Being good to your gut takes many forms - one of the most important being your diet. So how can you nurture your gut microbes with the foods you eat?

Laura Tilt – The Gut-Brain Connection

What do the bacteria in your belly have to do with your brain? As it turns out, way more than you might expect…

Eve Kalinik – Back To Health Basics

Just in case you need a mini reminder on the importance of gut health and why we need to take care of our glorious gut microbes.

Laura Tilt – Plant Based Diets

Scientists are still discovering what it takes to keep our microbiome balanced, but there’s one lifestyle habit that keeps coming up trumps – and that’s a plant-based diet.

Laura Tilt – Gut Friendly Summer Foods

Summer is in full swing – hurrah! As well as being the perfect time to take advantage of the Great Outdoors, the warmer months offer an opportunity to introduce more gut friendly foods to your diet.

Laura Tilt – Travel

Heading off on holiday this summer? Support your digestion with some self-administered travel-care.

The Urban Kitchen – What Does Our Microbiome Do For Us And Why It Is Important For Our Overall Health

Our gut microbiome is essential for balancing day to day body functions via both their metabolic activity and impact on the immune system.

Laura Tilt’s 30-Day Gut-Love Challenge

Simply print the calendar, take a read through and get prepped for the week ahead

What Is The Microbiome? And Why Does It Matter?

If you haven’t heard the term ‘microbiome’ yet, you will probably hear a lot about it in the future.