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Every shot of Daily Essential contains billions of live bacteria to help balance your microbiome – and give you a good gut feeling.

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* We recommend taking Symprove for at least 12 weeks to allow your gut to adjust to the product.

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Your amazing microbiome will love you for it

Subscribing to Symprove is an act of self-care. Because, put simply, your gut microbiome supports so many bodily functions.

It’s behind, well, everything.

  • Digestion
  • Immunity
  • Wellness
  • Brain
  • Sleep
  • Energy

Let's hear it for the science

The exciting thing about the microbiome is that scientists are only just understanding its power. When it’s functioning well it’s believed to help your body:

  • Break down complex carbs
  • Produce vitamins and minerals
  • Defend against bad bugs
  • Train your immune system
  • Say goodbye to toxins

How Symprove actually works

Keeping your amazing microbiome healthy and balanced is important. You need just the right levels of good and bad bacteria. And that’s where Symprove’s good bugs come in. Smart and tough,
just like you, they can:

  • Survive the acidity of your stomach
  • Reach your gut alive and ready to work
  • And actually thrive there!

Finding balance

We’re not exposed to bacteria in the way we once were. We spend less time getting muddy outdoors. More time sanitising our homes. Living out of whack with nature like this can affect our microbiome – and gut health.

Symprove works in harmony with your body. Doing its best to tilt the (gut) balance back in your favour.

Our brilliant bacteria

Did you know…in every shot of Symprove you get 10 billion units of good bugs in four carefully selected strains. Developed in our labs, these unique strains work in synergy. Joining forces to give your gut some goodness.

Frequently asked questions

Still need help? No problem - we'd love you to get in touch. Or, try our clever chat bot.

If you’re new to us or prefer something flexible (which you can cancel anytime) our flexible subscription might be your best bet. It costs £49.99 a month with your pack being sent (and payment taken) on the same set dates each month.  

Equally, you might want to start with a one-off 3-month pack and decide what to do after that. 

If you love Symprove and are happy to commit to save money our 6-month or 12-month subscriptions are ideal. Your packs will be sent and payments taken on set dates each month. And you can cancel anytime within your first 14 days.

A 6-month subscription costs £44.99 a month. A 12-month subscription is £39.99.  

When your subscription ends, we’ll email you to check you’re happy to renew. We’ll also give you the option to cancel or switch subscriptions too. 

With any subscription you have the option to pause it or simply delay your monthly orders. This is handy if you’re heading to hospital for an op or going away, for example. 

It’s really easy to make changes to your subscription through your online account. You can also call us on 01252 413600 or email support@symprove.com and we can sort it for you. 

Just remember you can make changes up to 48 hours before your delivery is due. After that, it’s too late to alter an order. 

Good to know: all our subscriptions give you the flexibility to amend your orders. This is handy if you’re going on holiday or heading to hospital for an op, for example. 

Symprove contains live bacteria (which can be considered a probiotic) and barley extract (which can be considered a prebiotic). It’s just that we don’t use either term because Symprove is technically classed as a food supplement, and European food laws prevent us from doing so.

Maintaining a healthy gut is a lifelong act of self-care. There are no quick fixes when it comes to gut health. So beware of any products that promise a miracle cure!

We recommend trying Symprove for at least 3 months. That’s the advice from the British Society of Gastroenterology to anyone trying a new bacterial product. 

And it’s in line with the results we see. 94% of people say they feel the difference after 3 months, and many choose to take Symprove for life.

Short answer? Anyone who wants to support their gut microbiome! 

Lots of people on Trustpilot say they take Symprove for gut conditions. Others take it because they know how important their gut microbiome is. 

As with all supplements, Symprove works best with a good balanced diet. For more about looking after your gut through diet, exercise, sleep, and nature connection, head to our blog.

We make Symprove in a controlled environment. This means we’re incredibly careful about hygiene, temperature controls and how we handle our live bacteria. These amazing bugs are living organisms so we do everything we can to nurture them. 

Here’s an overview of how it’s done: 

Step one: we boil specially selected grain to create a wort

Step two: we purify it and keep its temperature stable in sterilised vats

Step three: we carefully add the star ingredients – our four strains of bacteria!  

Step four: we let them multiply until there’s just the right amount 

Step five: we halt the fermentation process and test samples for purity and quality

Step six: once we’re happy that everything’s spot on we bottle up! 

Good to know: our production process is patented because it’s part of what makes Symprove unique.

We deliver between Monday to Friday – and offer free next working day delivery on all UK mainland orders if you order by 4pm. 

Northern Ireland orders are delivered within 2-5 working days. 

On the day of your delivery you’ll receive an email or text from the courier. This will give you a 1-hour time slot and the option to manage your delivery for convenience.

We only deliver the Symprove 12-week pack abroad at the moment, not our subscriptions. But this might change in future, so email us if you’re interested. And we’ll be in touch if things change! You can see our delivery policy for more information.

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Tip #1: Take 10 mins out!

Always take your morning shot of Symprove on an empty stomach – then leave 10 minutes before you eat and drink. Just so you don’t trigger digestion and kill all those awesome bugs.

Tip #2: Give it 3 months

Loving your gut is a lifelong act of self-care. We recommend trying Symprove for a minimum of 3 months and after that, who knows? You might be one of the many people who go on to take it for life.

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