Enduro Racing Team KORR Drink Probiotic Symprove as Diet Supplement

KORR Enduro team stay healthy with Symprove probiotic. Proving they have the endurance of Man and Machine, top team KORR officially supported by KTM UK, is no stranger to winning events and has gained a string of Championship titles since 2004. Asked what makes his team so successful, Team Manager and KTM Technical Expert Julian Stevens said:

“We do everything in-house so that we have complete control and provide the best for our official pilots and riders. This includes everything from technical development to bike preparation and kit design.” He went on to say, “On top of this, we drive a solid training programme which also involves encouraging riders to have a healthy diet too and Symprove forms part of this. Endurance and reliability are key performance indicators and essential ingredients for the gruelling events we compete in.”

With a similar approach to Symprove, KORR management let results speak for themselves. Podium winners include Daryl Bolter current British E1 Class Enduro Champion, Greg Evans current European Enduro Champion KTM 350 XCF , James Giddings Expert E1 Champion KTM 125 EXC and new rookie signing Jonny “Whiskeyboy” Walker a former Schoolboy Trials Champion and Pinhard Trophy Winner.

Recently, Symprove Founder Barry Smith was invited to join the KORR team in Trefle du Morvan. Completing an average of 150 kms a day in the saddle, this course took the riders through some challenging countryside. Barry managed to keep up with the others and is going back to attempt the more knuckle-whitening rides of the Pyrenees later in the year.

Commenting on Symprove’s involvement with KORR Barry Smith said, “It doesn’t matter what sports discipline you’re in, health always features and plays a big part towards performance. We’ve also got a top international athlete drinking Symprove as part of his daily diet and training programme. These sportsmen all recognise the benefits of self-managing their health and we can learn a lot from their approach too.”

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