New Year Message

Happy New Year

Whilst the majority of the newspapers at the moment carry stories of what can happen for you in 2015, with astrologers wishing you love, luck, happiness and fortune – we wanted to keep you updated with what we hope will be an exciting year ahead for Symprove.

Already, we have a good insight as to what is in store for us in 2015, through the last week of trading, during the semi-closed period of Christmas and New Year, the phones were very busy and the testimonials kept rolling in, which is very rewarding and for the first time in our history, we had to run the production plant through this period to allow us to keep stock levels up and satisfy the customer demands.

We are all excited in anticipation of publications and results due in this first quarter, we know that the UCL-Pharmacy result on survivability at low-pH is in the January publication of Beneficial Microbes; and the medical teams at King’s College, London are currently busy locking down the last of the data on the current studies, and at the same time busy writing abstracts to present their findings at medical congresses across the globe.

We are now in negotiation for a number of other studies to run, which will extend our understanding within a range of Gastroenterology problems, and I look forward to posting these studies and their specifics when they are registered, on the ISRCTN website in early 2015.

Symprove, whilst focused heavily on the R&D, and undoubtedly the above is very exciting, we do have a New Year’s resolution in place which is to step up to the mark of our new technology, probably best described as “Microbe Therapeutics” as our bacteria are delivered in a live and activated form, and to make the big move away from the old probiotic technology that is now way past its “sell by” date and focus on a new way forward.

I note that one of the best-known media medics, Dr Martin Scurr, has made his prediction for 2015, with his headline “by the way … 2015 is the year to look after your gut bugs”. We couldn’t agree more, and it is our intention to be at the forefront of this new and exciting technology.

Barry Smith – Chairman

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