Symprove is a natural multi-strain product manufactured under strict conditions and undergoes full testing procedures before reaching our customers. All the ingredients can be traced back to their origins.

A full quality management system (ISO9001/2015) is at the heart of the production process, ensuring we maintain the very high standards we have developed and continually try to improve upon.

The production of Symprove starts when we source our barley – always from non-GM crops – from local suppliers in the Surrey and Hampshire area. We can always trace back to the exact field the barley was grown in.

The barley grain is gently germinated until a quarter of an inch of root has grown. Once this has been achieved germination is stopped. This is called the pipping stage.

To access an increased number of amino acids, vitamins and enzymes – which have all generated during the germination process – the barley is rolled.

After this, water is added to the germinated grain, and it is steeped in a mash-tun and put through a series of temperature changes.

The specialist food structures (amino acids, vitamins and enzymes) are extracted and the barley husk is discarded. The extracted food-rich substrate is then pasteurised, placed into sterile containers and inoculated with Symprove’s unique four strains of bacteria.

Symprove’s strains of bacteria were originally sourced from the food industry. We now maintain the purity of that strain, by having further bacteria specifically grown for us from that core stock.

The bacteria are given 24 hours to thrive on this perfect food substrate. After this time the bacterial numbers are optimum and the pH (acidity) stabilises at pH4.

At this point samples are sent to an external GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) accredited laboratory to verify the exact strains of bacteria grown and check there are no other bacteria or contaminants in the product. To pass the tests there must also be in the region of 10 billion live activated colony forming bacteria units per 70ml serving.

A GMP accredited laboratory is certified and audited by the food and medicines authorities to make sure there is complete confidence in their results.

If the sample has passed these tests then the batch of Symprove is signed off by quality control for decanting into bottles.

During the production process any gluten in the barley is removed – through germination, fermentation and filtration. Samples are also sent to be checked to ensure Symprove remains under the 20 parts per million limits for a gluten free product.

The whole process – from germination to bottling – takes 10 days. It all takes place at Symprove’s headquarters in Farnham, Surrey, where every bottle of Symprove ever despatched has been made.