What Does 'Gut Health' Actually Mean?
Gut microbiome

What Does 'Gut Health' Actually Mean?

There’s no doubt that having a well-functioning gut is important for our health, but what does gut health actually mean? We asked Dietitian Laura Tilt for the lowdown.    What does ‘gut health’ act...
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Fact v Fiction

Fact v Fiction: The Baking Soda Test

Welcome to the first in our new series, where our experts separate the fact from fiction around some popular gut health trends. First up, the baking soda burp test. The DIY test that claims to be a...
TV presenter Sophie Morgan sits on a sofa with Professor Simon Gaisford
Gut microbiome

Everything You Need to Know About Antibiotics and the Gut Microbiome

Antibiotics, what do you know about them? Do you know how you should you be taking them? Or how to support your gut microbiome while on them? TV Presenter Sophie Morgan is on a mission to find out ...
10 Positive Gut Health Habits for the New Year
Tips & swaps

10 Positive Gut Health Habits for the New Year

Your gut microbiome – the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live in your guts – plays a huge role in many body functions. But a healthy microbiome doesn’t happen by accident. Basically,...
Symprove 2023 Wrapped

Symprove 2023 Wrapped

It’s been quite the year for Team Symprove. We wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you for all your support this year and call out some highlights. You ready to dive in? We told you to forge...
10 Cracking Christmas Gut Facts by Imogen Wolsey

10 Cracking Christmas Gut Facts

We asked our resident Dietitian Imogen Wolsey to share some cracking gut facts with us ahead of Christmas. These facts will not only blow your mind but also impress all the family with your knowled...
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Tips & tricks

What’s the menopause got to do with your gut?

Did you know that oestrogen and progesterone influence many aspects of wellbeing including gut function and the microbiome? In recent years scientists have found that hormones play a part in shapin...
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Gut microbiome

5 Toilet Tweaks to Help You Poo Like a Pro

Despite the fact that pooing is a normal bodily function, over a third of us still find it a taboo subject.We haven’t always felt this way. According to Dr. Barbara Penner, historian and author of ...
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Gut microbiome

15 Things You Need to Know About Immune Health and Your Gut with Dr Jenna Macciochi

Did you know that approximately 70% of your immune system resides within your gut? This includes immune cells, tissues and organs, all located along the long tube known as the digestive tract. This...